We offer a variety of herb-production services.

Medicine Cooking Service

We boil the medicines with water and filter the residue to form soup. Soup is the most common form used to treat illness, because it can be easily absorbed and it has stronger effect.

Pill Making Service

We grind the medicines into powder and use honey or water to make it into pill form. Pills take longer to absorb and are suitable for long-term use.

Powder Making Service

We grind the medicine into powder. It is good for external or internal use.

Concentrated Powder Making Service

We concentrate the medicines and grind them into powder. Concentrated powder is compressed and has greater effects.

Ointment & Syrup Making Services

We make syrup by boiling the medicines and filter the residues and condense the soup into syrup. Syrup is suitable for long term use. We make ointment by mixing medicine with petrolatum. Ointment is suitable for external use.

Slicing Service

We slice medicine into thin slices. Sliced medicines are easier to boil or to make tea.

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