Our doctors will assess and diagnose your condition using the Four Examinations of Traditional Chinese Medicine: looking, smelling and listening, inquiring, and taking pulses. Medication will be prescribed following this system of evaluation to help your body achieve better balance and treat your condition

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

TCM is an ancient medical science originated in China more than 2000 years ago.

It uses Yin-Yang Theory and Five Element Theory to see human body as a whole, and uses the four methods to diagnose the reason, properties, and location of the illness, as well as to understand the patient body’s inner state. After summarizing the syndrome patterns, TCM doctors can prescribe medication that helps balancing your body and cure your problems.

The goal of TCM is not only to cure illness, but to also conserve energy and prevent illness, just like getting water ready before one gets thirsty, or getting soldiers ready before the war begins. This act of conserving and preventing help us not wasting our lives, in other words, to lengthen our lives.

How does TCM work?

TCM is not science of illness, but rather science of wellness.

Human body is an organic whole. Every part of our body are linked together and cannot be separated. They coordinates with each other when a person is well, and they affects each other when a person is ill. Human body is also linked closely to the world. When world changes seasons, our body also keeps a dynamic balance within.

TCM uses the four methods to diagnose a person’s overall state, and uses chinese medicines to bring the body back to balanced state, and the illness and symptoms will be resolved naturally.

When a room is too hot and humid, the walls are likely to rot, bugs and bacteria are easy to grow. Even when you repaired the wall and eliminated the bugs and bacteria, the wall will keep rotting and the bugs and bacteria will keep growing after awhile. However, when you change the room’s temperature and humidity into a balanced state, the rotting and growing will stop.

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