Bone Turning Formula

“Bone Turning Formula" is a kind of Chinese Medicine soup that helps teenagers grow taller.
“Bone Turning Formula" not only helps with growing taller, but also strengthens the internal organs which leads to healthier body.
For example, many children have allergies. If they are able to strengthen their internal organs during puberty, their allergies will improve vastly.
Teenage girls may start taking “Bone Turning Formula" when their first menstruation starts.
Teenage boys may start taking “Bone Turning Formula" when their voice starts to change.
We suggest taking 3 to 5 doses per week until reaching enough height.
We highly advice teens not to sleep late, Rope jumping and eating healthily also helps.

The Strength of Being Traditional

Although the world is always changing and progressing, DST Trading remained being traditional. We insist on using only crude medicines, strictly selecting the finest authentic ingredients and carefully processing following the ancient ways to provide our customers effective and safe medicines.

Nowadays, a lot of Traditional Chinese Doctors use Scientific Chinese Medicines. Scientific Chinese Medicine is made from crude medicines. After being boiled, dried, extracted, and compressed, it turns into powder form. Scientific Chinese Medicine, although convenient, losses its effectiveness due to the addition of excipients. Furthermore, the doses of each ingredient can not be changed. When more than one kind of Scientific Chinese Medicines are combined, their effects are limited due to the lacking of boiling the medicines together, and instead, the excipients are increased. Crude medicines on the other hand, give Chinese Doctors flexibility in adjusting various doses. The boiling of the medicines causes chemical reaction, letting each medicine work effectively.

Even though crude medicines are more effective, the qualities of the medicines themselves need to be strictly selected. Chinese medicines have distinct effectiveness when grown in different regions. Those grew in the regions that give best effects are called authentic medicines. These authentic medicines can then be classified into different grades. Some medicines even went through dyeing and preserving processes to make the medicines look good. Our duty is to strictly select high grade, authentic, and safe medicines.

After picking the best quality medicines, processing becomes the last step. By using methods like filtering and washing, we remove inclusions to make the medicines clean, making the medicines more pure and effective. By using traditional processing methods like frying, baking, smoking, boiling, and steaming, we are able to reduce toxins in medicines and further improve their effectiveness.

Since 1952, DST Trading has been using only crude medicines, selecting only the finest authentic medicines, and processing using traditional ways. With Chinese New Year coming up, we will remain on the spot and stay traditional!